Teaching Engagements

Here are some of the teaching venues I’ll be at through the rest of 2018. I’ll fill in the contact details as I get them. This year I expect to be available at Cittaviveka in West Sussex, England between early April and late June; I’ll be at Temple Monastery, New Hampshire for the Vassa (late July-November).

As venues and times shift or occasionally get cancelled, please contact the respective venue for details.

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Saturday, 14th Jul
to Monday, 23rd Jul
all day
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Wisconsin retreat
A residential retreat organized by Madison Insight madisonmeditation.org.
Wednesday, 25th Jul
5:30 pm
8:00 pm
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CIMC, Cambridge MA

An evening talk at Cambridge Insight. Drop in, you're welcome.
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Cambridge Insight Meditation Center 331 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Wednesday, 10th Oct
to Monday, 15th Oct
all day
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Retreat in New York
℅ New York Insight
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New York
Friday, 26th Oct
3:00 pm
to Wednesday, 31st Oct
4:00 pm
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Citta:Mind, Heart and Awareness
A residential study/practice retreat at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies on the nature of 'citta' : mind-heart-awareness.
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Barre Mass
Tuesday, 6th Nov
6:00 pm
to Wednesday, 5th Dec
7:00 am
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Forest Refuge, IMS, Massachusetts
A month-long retreat at the Forest Refuge, centring on the theme of the khandha (aggregates)
Wednesday, 1st May
to Friday, 31st May
all day
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Forest Refuge
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Barre, MA
Saturday, 6th Jul
to Sunday, 14th Jul
all day
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retreat in Italy
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Residential retreat
Monday, 26th Aug
to Saturday, 31st Aug
all day
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Study-practice session on the 5 aggregates (khandha)
Details later ℅ https://bodhi-college.org
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Bodhi College, Netherlands
Saturday, 21st Sep
8:00 am
9:00 am
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Two daylongs in London

Love me, love my monkey: Radical Self-Acceptance 
Details: www.londoninsight.org 
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℅ London Insight www.londoninsight.org

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