Here are some pocket-size pieces that you can use in those pocket-size moments in the day, or when you just want to get on and practise without a whole lot of details, explanations and anecdotes.

Also there are some short ‘to-the-point’ texts that you might want to read a few times.

Some are available in non-English languages. Please see

Meditation: an Outline.  An introductory manual on how to meditate. To download, click on this link:
This is also available as an audio book, via: Cittaviveka audio books

et en français:çais

Clarity and Calm. This booklet offers some means to find clarity and calm within a few minutes. They can be put into practice in a range of non-specialized situations – in the time it would take you to drink a cup of tea.
This is also available as an audiobook, via: Cittaviveka audio books

Introduction to Insight:  A few words to encourage the reader to learn Dhamma by bearing witness and letting things pass.

Rituals and Observances. In this small book, you’ll find details concerning such topics as: setting up and using a shrine in your home; the significance of the different forms of Buddha images; observances for the deceased and observances on the Buddhist holy days – and more. Currently available as a .pdf, it is intended to be available in mobi and epub forms soon.

Unseating The Inner Tyrant. Do you ever experience an inner voice that constantly criticises and complains about you? Here’s how to deal with it:

Samadhi is Pure Enjoyment.  If ‘enjoyment’ isn’t a concept, let alone an experience, that refers to your meditation practice, you might benefit from reading this: ://

Discipline and Conventions. This book sets out the protocols that structure the harmonious relationship between samanas and laypeople.

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