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P1040127This site is a hub. It offers access to written teachings by Ajahn Sucitto (me) and information as to upcoming teaching venues; also there are links to where you can obtain audio talks and books, and connect to websites where more of my material, and that of my friends and colleagues, can be found. New articles and books get added from time to time as they are produced.

In case you were wondering, I am a Buddhist monk (bhikkhu). I entered monastic life in 1975 in Thailand, but since 1978 I’ve been based in Britain. I spent fourteen years training under Ajahn Sumedho, the senior Western disciple of Ajahn Chah, and so I’m part of that lineage of direct practice. The lineage has an umbrella website www:forestsangha.org. I am based at Cittaviveka Monastery in Chithurst, West Sussex, near Petersfield in southern England (www.cittaviveka.org).

In 2019, after my trip to the USA in May, I’ll be at Cittaviveka most of the time between mid-June and late November. I’ll also be back there for January 2020, after teaching in S.E.Asia.

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