The first extra that you’ll find in here is a poetry page. The second is a page dedicated to Qi Gong, which I have been practising since 1994.

Sometimes poetry expresses the mind in a more effective way than straightforward, but abstract, prose and narrative. It handles felt senses, impressions that ( if they work) go directly to the heart.

What is offered here is a selection that will be updated periodically.

Many of these poems can be found in Travels In The Middle Land, a book that can be downloaded from www.dhammamoon.org. On that site, you can also read poems by other authors. A hard copy of this book can also be obtained through commercial distributors.

The practice of Qi Gong is something I introduce on most of my retreats on account of its beneficial effect on amplifying subtler aspects of mindfulness of body that are part of my presentation. You can read more about this in the blog post ‘Standing Like A Tree, Breathing Like A Buddha’:

Standing Like A Tree

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