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IMGP2521Coronavirus update: I will be presenting audio-visual material (‘home movies’) on a regular basis via the cittaviveka website during this pandemic period.

Also see the monastery’s website:

Through the efforts of Dhamma supporters, I have held a few  Zoom teachings occasions. These will be ongoing for the immediate future.   You can receive notification of the next session by subscribing to  Dhamma Tracks ( )

Otherwise, talks that I give to the Cittaviveka community can be listened to and downloaded from

We have create an audiobook, an audio version of the meditation primer, Meditation: an Outline
You can listen to it and download it at no charge here :
or here:

You can also choose from over two decades of recorded material on the ‘Dharma Seed’ website. These can be reviewed at:
Ajahn Sucitto’s Dhamma Talks on Dharma Seed

The most recent postings include talks from three retreats I taught in South Africa in February.

An ongoing collection of guided meditations are also available for free on the Insight Timer app.

Here is a link to an interview on Climate and Social Change conducted in March 2016: Interview on Climate and Social Change

A sample of other talks is provided below:

From the Forest Sangha website:

Talks, Essays, Reflections