Teaching Engagements

Owing to the ongoing restrictions on meetings brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, I will not be able to hold retreats in situ for the first half of 2021.  Dhamma talks, given by myself and other Ajahns will be livestreamed from Cittaviveka and posted on the Cittaviveka website. https://www.cittaviveka.org

I will be offering  a weekly puja, meditation and Dhamma reflection on Saturdays (or Sundays, depending on your time zone) via Zoom, beginning  27 March 2021 at 11:00pm UK time.
Link to join meeting:  http://bit.ly/AjahnSucitto

Meeting ID:  927 2737 5301
Password: 123

I hope to keep these going for a couple of months at least, depending on circumstances.

Meanwhile if you subscribe to Dhamma Tracks (℅ the Home page ) you’ll receive notification of upcoming online teachings. These occasions are often set up with only a few days’ advance notice.

As best we can with our limited skills, we will post previous Zoom sessions on the Cittaviveka website. Audio versions will be posted on Dharma Seed.

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Friday, 6th May
to Monday, 30th May
all day
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Residential retreat
Contact www.vallecitos.org for details.
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Vallecitos, New Mexico, USA
Thursday, 9th Jun
to Thursday, 16th Jun
all day
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weeklong retreat
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Marathon, Wisconsin, ℅ Cittasubha at www.madisonmeditation.org/retreats
Saturday, 10th Sep
to Sunday, 11th Sep
all day
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Rewilding the Mind, London
two consecutive daylongs; a non-residential retreat. Contact London Insight for details.
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The King Alfred School, Manor Wood, North End Road, London NW11 7HY, United Kingdom
Monday, 17th Oct
to Saturday, 22nd Oct
all day
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Retreat in Provence, France
Contact www.refugebouddhique.com for details.
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Provence, France
Thursday, 10th Nov
to Friday, 9th Dec
all day
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Forest Refuge, Barre, Mass, USA retreat
Contact Forest Refuge for details
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Barre, Mass

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