Teaching Engagements

Here are some of the teaching venues I am still expecting to fulfill  through 2020. I’ll add contact details as I get them. This year, I expect to be available at Cittaviveka in West Sussex, England most of the time between June and November.   I won’t be back in the USA until 2021. I’ll be in Europe for most of 2020.

Venues and times shift or occasionally get cancelled. As governmental responses to the coronavirus epidemic adapts, I still hope to be able to fulfill teaching engagements in the autumn. But nothing is that certain.Please contact the respective venue for details. I am also holding Zoom sessions that you can connect to. Please subscribe to Dhamma Tracks (℅ the Home page https://ajahnsucitto.org) if you’d like to be informed of these: they often are set up with only a few days’ advance notice!

I am expecting to offer a video teaching from the Cittaviveka website from time to time.https://www.cittaviveka.org/video .

As best we can with our limited skills, we will post previous Zoom sessions on the Cittaviveka website

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Friday, 3rd May
6:30 pm
8:15 pm
Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara
Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara,
Southfield, Michigan
Saturday, 4th May
2:30 pm
8:30 pm
Lansing Buddhist Association, Michigan
Amitabha Village, Perry, MI
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Lansing, Michigan, USA
Sunday, 5th May
2:00 pm
3:30 pm
Insight Meditation, Anne Arbor, MI
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Anne Arbor
Tuesday, 14th May
6:00 pm
8:00 pm
Seattle Insight
Seattle Insight c/o Rodney Smith
Saturday, 18th May
all day
Portland Friends of the Dhamma
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Portland, Oregon
Saturday, 13th Jul
to Monday, 15th Jul
all day
Terre d"Eveille, Paris
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Paris, France
Sunday, 15th Sep
all day
London Insight
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St.Alfred's School, Golders Green, London
Saturday, 28th Sep
all day
GaiaOxford retreat
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Headington Parish Hall, Dunstan Road, Oxford, OX3 9BY
Friday, 4th Oct
to Thursday, 10th Oct
all day
Retreat Provence c/o Le Refuge
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Provence, France
Sunday, 10th Nov
all day
Forest Refuge, Barre MA
(until december 8th)
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Forest Refuge, Barre
Tuesday, 10th Dec
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
Buddhaparisa talk
Contact www.buddhaparisa.org for details
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Arlington, Mass.:Theosophical Society Lecture Room
Wednesday, 11th Dec
7:00 pm
10:00 pm
CIMC, Cambridge MA
Talk: Engaged Disengagement:Nibbana, the world and what to do about it.
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Cambridge Insight Meditation Center 331 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Friday, 13th Dec
5:00 am
to Sunday, 15th Dec
9:00 pm
BCBS - parami: a weekend on exploring our potential
The retreat is a study-practice session based on the model of the ten parami, inner strengths like patience and kindness. Details:
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Barre, MA, USA
Sunday, 13th Apr
to Monday, 21st Apr
all day
Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Mass. USA
Residential retreat.Contact: www.dharma.org
Friday, 25th Apr
to Sunday, 27th Apr
all day
Weekend retreat, New York
A weekend teaching and practice on strengthening and steadying the heart through cultivating the five indriya ( spiritual authorities). Contact New York Insight (www.nyimc.org) for details.
Friday, 27th Jun
to Wednesday, 2nd Jul
all day
Retreat In Idoborg, Sweden
A residential retreat on an island off the coast of Stockholm. Contact natthiko@gmail for a description of the retreat and for bookings.
Friday, 29th Aug
to Sunday, 31st Aug
all day
Weekend retreat at Sunyata, Eire
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Sunyata, Co Clare, Eire
Friday, 12th Sep
to Sunday, 14th Sep
all day
Northumberland retreat
Weekend retreat at Kusala House
contact ratanagiri.org.uk/retreats/
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Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery, Belsay, United Kingdom
Saturday, 27th Sep
to Sunday, 28th Sep
all day
London Insight
'Indestructible Heart': a weekend retreat. Contact www.londoninsight.org for details.
Sunday, 12th Oct
to Saturday, 18th Oct
all day
Retreat In Provence, France
Residential retreat. Details www.refugebouddhique@orange.fr
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Monastère de Ségries, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, France
Thursday, 11th Dec
to Monday, 15th Dec
all day
Bangkok, ℅ YBAT
A five day residential retreat in the suburbs of Bangkok. (www.ybat.org/eng/) Details (Facebook) tinyurl.com/sucitto-bkk and c/o mikeadair10@gmail.com
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Bangkok, Thailand

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