Teaching Engagements

Here are some of the teaching venues I am still expecting to fulfill  through 2020. I’ll add contact details as I get them. This year, I expect to be available at Cittaviveka in West Sussex, England most of the time between June and November.   I won’t be back in the USA until 2021. I’ll be in Europe for most of 2020.

Venues and times shift or occasionally get cancelled. Owing to the ongoing restrictions on meetings brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, I will not be able to hold retreats in situ for the rest of 2020. Some of these at least will be replaced with on-line teachings. The advantage is that any retreats and teachings can be held globally. So I am currently looking into a retreat in December and will post the details as they arise.

I am also holding weekly Zoom sessions that you can connect to. Please subscribe to Dhamma Tracks (℅ the Home page https://ajahnsucitto.org) if you’d like to be informed of these: they often are set up with only a few days’ advance notice! The current series goes out at 2 pm on Sunday via https://bit.ly/AS-Zoom Meeting ID: 456 603 038​ Password: 690779

I am expecting to offer a video teaching from the Cittaviveka website from time to time.https://www.cittaviveka.org/video .

As best we can with our limited skills, we will post previous Zoom sessions on the Cittaviveka website

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Friday, 3rd May
6:30 pm
8:15 pm
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Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara
Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara,
Southfield, Michigan
Saturday, 4th May
2:30 pm
8:30 pm
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Lansing Buddhist Association, Michigan
Amitabha Village, Perry, MI
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Lansing, Michigan, USA
Sunday, 5th May
2:00 pm
3:30 pm
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Insight Meditation, Anne Arbor, MI
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Anne Arbor
Tuesday, 14th May
6:00 pm
8:00 pm
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Seattle Insight
Seattle Insight c/o Rodney Smith
Saturday, 18th May
all day
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Portland Friends of the Dhamma
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Portland, Oregon
Saturday, 13th Jul
to Monday, 15th Jul
all day
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Terre d"Eveille, Paris
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Paris, France

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