Hard copies of these books can be obtained from Amaravati and Cittaviveka Monasteries in the UK. In some cases monasteries in the US and Canada may have copies for free distribution.

Kamma and the End of Kamma (new version).  ‘Kamma’ refers to the principle of the causes and effects of our intentional actions. Often seen as a teaching on ethics, its principles also refer to the intentions and subtle actions that constitute meditation practice. This is a major revision of a first edition, with substantial additions and reframing.

Hard copies of this book can be obtained in the USA and Canada from Temple Forest Monastery, New Hampshire:

Meditation: A Way of Awakening.   A thorough guide to a range of meditation practices, with short essays on relevant topics, such as kamma, and not-self. 

Buddha-Nature, Human Nature. This book is an extensive review of the relationship between the ‘human’ and the ‘natural’ world. It is about the environmental crisis, how that is mirrored in the human crisis that the Buddha addressed – and ways of resolving this.

The Most Precious Gift.  This book is an edited selection of talks I’ve given between 1985 and 2017. It was created by others to commemorate my 70th birthday in November 2019.

Pārami, Ways to Cross Life’s Floods.  Pārami – ‘perfections,’ or transcendent virtues – are daily life practices that give the mind a firm ground in Dhamma. Comprising simple qualities like patience, generosity and truthfulness, they can be skilfully applied to the ‘flash-points’ in the day in order to steer the mind out of samsaric currents and on towards peace, clarity and nibbāna.

Rude Awakenings.  Rude Awakenings records a journey by Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott. We spent six months together retracing the Buddha’s footsteps in India, along with many detours and sidetracks both physical and psychological. The alternating versions of reality, sometimes comical, sometimes poignant presents a vision of each human being’s wandering through life.

Great Patient One.  This book is the sequel to Rude Awakenings. It continues recording our seven hundred mile journey on foot, and our years of memories, recollections and attitudes as we rambled and struggled together in the Middle Land of the Buddha, and on via a long loop into Nepal and the Himalayas. The arduous nature of the pilgrimage, both physically and psychologically, gives the reader a taste of Dhamma ‘off the cushion and on the road’.

The Dawn of the Dhamma.  This long out-of-print illustrated ( and somewhat poetic) commentary on the Buddha’s first teaching, once existed in HTML format, but it disappeared at the last website update. I hope to resurrect it in some form or another in due course.

Talks, Essays, Reflections