Teaching Engagements

Owing to the ongoing restrictions on meetings brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, I will not be able to hold retreats in situ at this time.  Dhamma talks, given by myself and other Ajahns, will be live-streamed from Cittaviveka and posted on the Cittaviveka website. https://www.cittaviveka.org/teachings

Meanwhile if you subscribe to Dhamma Tracks (℅ the Home page ) you’ll receive notification of upcoming online teachings. Some occasions are set up with only a few days’ advance notice.

Audio versions of recorded talks and retreats will be posted on Dharma Seed https://www.dharmaseed.org/teacher/9/?page=1  

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Monday, 20th Jun
4:30 pm
to Sunday, 26th Jun
5:30 pm
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Retreat for Terre d'éveil at Prieuré Saint Thomas
Thursday, 13th Oct
12:00 pm
to Friday, 21st Oct
3:35 pm
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Retreat at Beatenberg, Switzerland
Saturday, 5th Nov
12:00 pm
to Saturday, 12th Nov
1:00 pm
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Retreat Le Refuge, Provence
Wednesday, 16th Nov
2:00 pm
to Wednesday, 14th Dec
3:00 pm
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Forest Refuge, Massachusetts

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