Teaching Engagements

Owing to the ongoing restrictions on meetings brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, I will not be able to hold retreats in situ at this time.  Dhamma talks, given by myself and other Ajahns, will be live-streamed from Cittaviveka and posted on the Cittaviveka website. https://www.cittaviveka.org/teachings

Meanwhile if you subscribe to Dhamma Tracks (℅ the Home page ) you’ll receive notification of upcoming online teachings. Some occasions are set up with only a few days’ advance notice.

Audio versions of recorded talks and retreats will be posted on Dharma Seed https://www.dharmaseed.org/teacher/9/?page=1  

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Saturday, 1st May
10:00 am
to Sunday, 2nd May
5:00 pm
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London Insight: Clearing the Floods
Sunday, 30th May
to Friday, 4th Jun
all day
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Online retreat: Clearing the Floods

This on-line Zoom Retreat will focus on clearing sensory and kammic overload and residues that impact the heart. As these are cleared, we gain access to a purposeful engagement with life.

The daily schedule will include sitting, standing and walking meditation, Dhamma teachings, chanting and question & answer sessions. Qigong and recorded Dhamma teachings are also offered to support your practice.

Although the retreat is hosted in California, the timing is suitable for the UK, with an early morning meditation session, and teachings and group practice through the afternoon and evening.

Please register c/o kathycheney48@gmail.com 

Saturday, 10th Jul
2:00 pm
to Friday, 16th Jul
6:00 am
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Online retreat: Love as the Breath of Life
The time zone listed above is UK. However, co-taught with Willa Thaniya Reid in New Zealand, and hosted in the USA, the retreat is designed to reach a global audience. For details, contact freelyofferedretreats@gmail.com.
Friday, 6th Aug
9:00 am
to Tuesday, 10th Aug
9:00 pm
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“Open Stability” online retreat c/o Sunyata, Ireland
Details https://www.sunyatacentre.org/event/insight-meditation-retreat-with-ajahn-sucitto/

Talks will be recorded and uploaded to a site whereby participants outside the Europe/Africa time zone can receive them shortly afterwards.
Friday, 13th Aug
2:00 pm
to Sunday, 15th Aug
10:00 pm
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Sacred Cosmos:Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (Online)
See  www.buddhistinquiry.or.....smos/ for details, adjusting the time to suit your own location.
Saturday, 9th Oct
7:00 pm
9:30 pm
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Workshop on brahmavihara
A talk, meditation and Q&A period on the heart qualities of good will. This is held by the Chicago based Theosophical Society, between 1:00pm and 3:30 pm in that time zone.

More details:
Saturday, 13th Nov
12:35 pm
1:30 pm
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‘Afflictive Emotions’- Rage, Hatred and Grief
This meditation and talk will be online. The above timing is East Coast USA. 17:35-18:30 GMT
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for CIMC/NewYorkInsight
Monday, 22nd Nov
to Friday, 26th Nov
all day
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Breathing to Liberation (online retreat)
c/o Bodhi College   bodhi-college.org/even.....n-UK/  
Saturday, 11th Dec
10:00 am
to Sunday, 12th Dec
5:00 pm
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Feel it, Breathe It, Clear It: A guide to emotional management
This weekend will be held online. You can participate if you register via London Insight who will send you a Zoom link: See www.londoninsight.org for details.
Friday, 20th May
to Monday, 30th May
all day
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Gaia House: Indriya- allies for liberation
A 10 day 8 precept retreat Co-taught with Laura Bridgman.
Details later
Monday, 20th Jun
4:30 pm
to Sunday, 26th Jun
5:30 pm
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Retreat for Terre d'éveil at Prieuré Saint Thomas
Thursday, 13th Oct
12:00 pm
to Friday, 21st Oct
3:35 pm
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Retreat at Beatenberg, Switzerland
Saturday, 5th Nov
12:00 pm
to Saturday, 12th Nov
1:00 pm
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Retreat Le Refuge, Provence
Wednesday, 16th Nov
2:00 pm
to Wednesday, 14th Dec
3:00 pm
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Forest Refuge, Massachusetts

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